Loelle ARGAN OIL finally available in the BeNeLux!

Loelle ARGAN OIL finally available in the BeNeLux!

On this website you will find your favourite Organic skincare products: Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Hempseed oil, Almond oil and much more…



  • We started 2012, now we have grown to become one of the biggest companies in Sweden in organic oils
  • We are 100% organic cosmetics
  • No 1 in Sweden for the Argan oil based cosmetics [Argan Oil, MoroccanOil]
  • 30 products in our assortment and growing
  • We are an award winning company
  • We have grown an average of 50% a year
  • Sold in +500 stores and almost 100 webstores all over Scandinavia
  • Loelle is the name of the founders daughter, because Loelle stands for love, life and passion



  • No added chemicals, no parabens, no alcohol and no artificial colors.
  • All cooperatives that we have carefully selected have ECOCERT, COSMOS or USDA certification.
  • Cruelty free: our products are not tested on animals.
  • We get our raw materials through direct collaboration with cooperatives based on respect, transparency and equity. This allows us to stay in touch with our producers to meet their needs.
  • The aim of achieving sustainability: we use only recycled materials for our packaging.
  • We don’t use heavy metals to avoid toxic waste and help prevent global warming.
  • Our products are handmade.
  • Our products are vegan.
  • Philanthropic brand: We contribute to the Literacy Program for Women of African Cooperatives increasing women’s independence.
  • We use Scandinavian design characterized by simplicity and minimalism and preserve Swedish quality and expertise.
  • We are an innovative brand: Back in 2016 we released Argan Oil with Vanilla, Argan Oil with Pomelo, Avocado Oil, Beard Oil, Barbary Fig Seed Oil, a Facial Oil and a Hair Oil in one single year.
  • We do not believe in delocalization: all our products are bottled and packed in Sweden to preserve and create local jobs and help the local economy.
  • All our products, even our luxe line, are and will be affordable to everyone so that everybody can enjoy the health benefits of organic products.

Now you will ask yourself is which products are available in the BeNeLux? Like Argan Oil or the award winning Rosewater


To keep it simple, you have the complete list here:

  • Red Rhassoul Clay 150 g 
  • White Rhassoul Clay 150 g 
  • Green Rhassoul Clay 150 g
  • Raspberry Seed Oil Coldpressed & Organic 30ml
  • Loelle Oil family 4 X 5ml (Travel size)
  • Loelle Green Avocado Oil 100ml Organic & Coldpressed
  • Loelle Jojoba oil 100ml Organic & Coldpressed
  • Loelle Rose water 100ml Organic
  • Loelle Rose water 50ml Organic
  • Loelle Argan Oil 100ml ECO
  • Loelle Argan Oil 100ml ECO Pump
  • Loelle Argan Oil 30ml ECO
  • Loelle Argan Oil with Vanilla 50ml
  • Loelle Argan Oil with Grapefruit 50ml
  • Loelle Neroli Water 100ml
  • Loelle Neroli Water 50ml
  • Loelle Beard Oil 30ml
  • Loelle Hemp Seed Oil 100ml
  • African Black Soap 125g (BAR)
  • African Black Soap 250ml (Liquid)
  • Loelle Rosehip Oil 30ml
  • Loelle Carrot Seed Oil 30ml
  • Moroccan Black Soap 200g
  • Rhassoul Clay Atlas 220g
  • Argan Soap 75g
  • Olive Soap 75g
  • Rose Soap 75g
  • Rhassoul Soap 75g
  • Barbary Fig Seed Oil, Face Serum 16ml
  • Barbary Fig Seed Oil, Face Oil 30ml
  • Barbary Fig Seed Oil, Hair Oil 40ml
  • Loelle Almond Oil 100ml

If a product is not available in the webshop then it's temporarily sold out or on its way. Feel free to chat with us to find out about the current and pending stock.  


Our mission is to make organic oils affordable for anyone. We do this while we make the life of local producers better because we support them both financially and with our alphabetization programs.


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We recently also published an extensive post about the scientific studies that are linked to our products, you can take a look at it here in the blog "Scientific studies proving the benefits of Loelle’s products"


This post is about:

Letting you take a peek into our world and explain our vision and goal.

Showing you which are our organic skincare products and knowing what we still lack in our range to make you fully satisfied. Also important in this post was giving you an overview of our company facts and the scientific facts that back our products.


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